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  • 8 oz. Femme Wash

    Kreamie's Co


    This vulva-friendly formula cleanses outer intimate skin, supports natural pH, and combats unwanted …

  • Turmeric Soap

    Kreamie's Co


    We blended the natural glowing properties of Turmeric with skin loving ingredients to create a bar t…

  • Black Soap

    Kreamie's Co


    *Shapes can and will vary*African natural black soap is one of the most healthy yet unheard of soaps…

  • Oatmeal Soap

    Kreamie's Co


    Oatmeal Soap is very gentle soap. Remember the oatmeal baths that are always recommended when there …

  • HempSeed Oil Soap

    Kreamie's Co


    Do you know the benefits of Hemp seed oil for your health?Here we combine your heart, soul and clean…

7 of 7 Items