Hempseed Oil & Aloe Royal Body Butter

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Product Description

Indulge in the natural goodness of our amazing Hemp and Aloe Body Butter! This luxurious body butter is hand-whipped with unrefined hemp and pure aloe to create a soft, light, and fluffy "frosting" that glides on like silk. Plus, it's free from parabens and GMOs!

Hemp Seed Oil benefits range from anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, fights skin inflammations, helps heal skin lesions, has antioxidants, prevents tissue damage, offers some protection against UV sun Exposure to containing moisture balancing properties. GREAT FOR OILY SKIN!

Hempseed oil, known for its anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties, is the star of the show. It's a dry oil that's easily absorbed by the skin, making it perfect for any skin type. With 80% essential fatty acids, it helps prevent moisture loss and promotes a healthy moisture balance. Hempseed oil also helps heal and detoxify the skin, even out skin tone, and prevent skin aging, eczema, acne and more.

Aloe, on the other hand, is effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, including dry skin, skin infections, and even serious conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It's also useful for treating wounds and burns.

Our body butter is made with a botanical extract blend of hemp, chamomile, aloe, and lavender, along with safflower oil, certified kosher glycerin, and vitamins A, C, and E. These ingredients work together to provide the ultimate in hydration, nourishment, and protection for your skin.

Whether you're dealing with psoriasis, acne, eczema, aging or dry skin, our Hempseed Oil and Aloe Royal Body Butter is the perfect solution. It won't clog your pores, and you can use it to moisturize your skin without any greasy buildup. So why wait? Treat yourself to the best in natural skincare today!

Safflower Oil, Certified Kosher Glycerin, Vitamins A, C and E
and a Botanical Extract blend of Hemp, Chamomile, Aloe, and Lavender
makes this Royal Butter!


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    Hempseed Oil & Aloe Royal Body Butter

    Posted by Kim Reeves on Apr 23rd 2024

    If you like a fragrance free, non-oily moisturizer this is for you! I can't use perfumed products and I hate being oily. Love this product! Thanks!!!

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    Hemp Body Butter

    Posted by Renita on Apr 20th 2024

    This cream is light weight and super moisturizing! I am a big fan of the scent “Lick me all over.” It is a very feminine soft scent! Natural skin care is where it’s at! I can use this all over my body! I usually don’t care for scents on my face but I even use it there. It’s perfect. I also have bought this product for a friend that suffers from eczema and she loved it! Worth a try!

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    Love this butter in ANY scent lol

    Posted by Brenda on Jan 8th 2024

    I used to only get the hydro balm but this a great alternative. Smooth and easy to scoop out. Probably best for summer use but I use all year-round. And it's also easy to transfer to a travel-size container. If I fill it up, it's good to get me through for a least a week. I really don't use many lotions or creams for my body unless it's Kreamie's.

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    Calling it “the best” just doesn’t do it justice!

    Posted by Stephanie Nelson on Apr 16th 2023

    This product is the reason people think I’m younger than I really am. I use this on my face, neck, chest, and well basically everywhere. My skin stays clear, even toned, and hydrated without being oily. I use it on my face after washing and before bed - even if I have pimples it helps the healing process. I am forever grateful Kreamie’s Co. was recommended to me years ago. When people ask how I don’t have wrinkles yet at 38, I tell them it’s this product.

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    Great product

    Posted by TresBien on Apr 6th 2023

    I love the hemp seed oil lotion, very moisturizing! Only thing, I'll probably stick to the non scented one because the add in scents I've gotten, the smell was a tad too strong for me. However I've been using Kreamie Collections for about 3/4 years!

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    Lick me all over body butter

    Posted by Keisha on Apr 5th 2023

    Love love love this product, both the scent and my skin feels so moisturized … perfecto!

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    Feels good

    Posted by Joanna on Mar 8th 2023

    Love how it feels in my skin

  • 5

    Posted by Mariely on Aug 31st 2022

    I just used my Hempseed oil and Aloe Royal Butter for the first time and I’m in freaking love!!!!!! I don’t want to use anything else!!!!! The texture is amazing and the smell is everything!!!! I got it in the Lavender Vanilla fragrance and it’s yummy!!! I’m a Kreamies Queen for life!!!!

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    My favorite daily face cream

    Posted by MeLi on Aug 20th 2022

    I've been using this product for about 7 years (maybe more) and I love how it's limited in ingredients, absorbs quickly, and makes my skin feel so soft. The peach scent is my favorite, sweet but not overpowering. If looking for a lighter scent just leave a comment in the notes, Kreamies can make the scent lighter. Thank u Kreamies