Hempseed Oil & Aloe Royal Body Butter

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Go Green! 
Paraben free - Non GMO!

If you are not familiar with the benefits of Hempseed oil (not to be confused with Canabis), please read below!

This body butter is whipped by hand with unrefined Hemp (which has a very light, earthy scent with a light green tint) and pure aloe, to form this incredible healing, soft, light "frosting" fluffy, moisturizing butter for face & body - it glides on like silk!
Even the men are loving it!

Hemp Seed Oil benefits range from anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, fights skin inflammations, helps heal skin lesions, has antioxidants, prevents tissue damage, offers some protection against UV sun Exposure to containing moisture balancing properties.
Hemp Oil is considered to be the driest of all oils so it doesn't leave a greasy film on your skin (great for oily skin) readily absorbed into the pores of your skin. With it's emollient, rejuvenating and moisturizing properties for the skin, it's not hard to understand why Hemp Oil is the best oil to be used in your daily skin care regimen for any skin type.
Anyone suffering with psoriasis, acne, eczema, or dry skin will benefit from topical hemp oil application.
Hemp Seed Oil is made up of 80% essential fatty acid, the highest amount of any other plant. It prevents moisture loss on a physiological level; it does not just merely "coat" the skin as do other oils.
It contains the ideal ration of Omega 6 to Omega 3 based on our cells needs.
Hemp Seed Oil so closely matches our own skin's lipids that it's able to penetrate inside our cells and lubricate the surface between them, allowing the fatty acids to enter our body.
For this reason, essential fatty acid's have been proven to provide a healthy moisture balance and play a preventative role in skin aging. hemp oil helps to help heal and detoxify your skin, as well as even out your skin tone.
Hemp Oil also won't clog your pores and you can safely use hemp seed oil to moisturize your skin and do so without any greasy buildup.Aloe - has several properties that are effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, from flaky or dry skin, cosmetic ailments, hair and scalp problems to many more.
It is also said to be useful in treating wounds and burns, minor skin infections, cysts, diabetes, and elevated blood lipids in humans, and shows some promise in treating more serious and persistent conditions such as eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, canker sores, skin ulcers and others, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Certified Kosher Glycerin, Vitamins A, C and E and a Botanical Extract blend of Hemp, Chamomile, Aloe, and Lavender makes this Royal Butter!


  • 5
    NOTHING compares

    Posted by Steppingnstillettoes on Feb 21st 2021

    My ENTIRE family uses this amazing product and it has transformed our skin. NOTHING COMPARES!!

  • 5
    Smells sooo good

    Posted by Michelle Brown on Feb 20th 2021

    I love this product especially because you can choose whatever scent you desire!!!

  • 5
    Hemp oil and aloe royal butter

    Posted by Thania on Jan 16th 2021

    Absolutely love everything about this product. The scent is out of this world delicious, a little goes a long way, it feels amazing on my skin and has actually helped with clearing up blemishes (something that I’ve struggled with for years). This is the only product that does it for me. So happy to have found you guys!

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    Daughter with Eczema

    Posted by Patricia Carroll on Dec 19th 2020

    I was nervous on trying a new lotion on my daughter who has eczema since she was born, she is now 10 years old and this product was referred to me by a friend after I was telling him I was looking for a more natural lotion for my daughter.

    I just placed my second order, the first month of using it I did not have to apply any steroid cream for my daughters eczema because she did not have any flareups, I also replaced her soap with the oatmeal bar combined with the lotion....

    I’m am SUPER happy about the result and the lessen times I have to apply steroid cream on my daughter which cause discoloration to her skin.

    Thank you KC for your product.

  • 5
    Hemp & aloe

    Posted by ALONZO JOHNSON on Nov 4th 2020

    Love this product really has helped with my dark spots on my face and the eczema on my arm

  • 5
    Hempseed Oil & Aloe Royal Body Butter

    Posted by Melissa on Oct 29th 2020

    This right here is a game changer for your skin! I apply only a small amount and my skin is hydrated for the remainder of the day and I have dry skin.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 18th 2020

    I absolutely love this body butter! When I moved up north my skin struggled to stay moisturized and then I discovered this company! I’ve been in love since!

  • 5
    All Over My Body

    Posted by Pamela on Oct 11th 2020

    My late sister, hipped me to Kreamies a few years back. I love the Hemp Seed Body Butter so I HAD to have the scrub. I’ve only had it for two days and I am already in love. I love that my skin feels moisturized after I use it, unlike so many other scrubs. Great job Kreamies!

  • 5

    Posted by Melissa Brown on Sep 26th 2020

    I like this moisturizer so much that I have ordered for my son! It keeps me moisturize all day!

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